With the rise in popularity of fantasy and sci-fi films comes a huge surge in demand for VFX. AnimSchool instructor Tony Mecca has worked in the forefront of the VFX industry for several years, animating for films like Snow White and the Huntsman, RIPD, and X-Men: Days of Future Past. Tony has a particular workflow for VFX, which centers around a “splocking” method that is designed to produce smooth, realistic animation as quickly as possible in VFX shots, which are typically too heavy to have real-time playback. This workflow starts out in spline/auto tangents right away, and can be used for full-CG shots as well. In this demo, Tony utilizes his “splocking” workflow to animate a shot of a monster running and jumping off of a ledge, using AnimSchool’s Hellhound rig.

Part 1 covers the layout and planning phase, and Part 2 will cover the posing and overlap phase of the demo. (View Part 2 here)

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