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AnimSchool Interview: Milian Topsy

We’d like to welcome Character Animator Milian Topsy. Tell us a little about yourself, what is your background? How did you get into character animation?

I discovered the animation world by visiting a small 2D Animation Studio in Paris when I was still in High School, and it was kind of a revelation! It looked so cool to work on fun projects, with passionate people. 
I entered a school in Lyon, called Emile Cohl, where I focused for 2 years on traditional animation, drawing, painting, sculpting, etc. Then I entered a new school for 3 years, Supinfocom Arles, where I specialized in CG Animation.
This allowed me to put together my love for animation with my love for technology and computers. It was also a way of not being handicapped by my “not so good” drawing skills, and really focus on pure animation. 
I’ve graduated 1 year ago, and I’m now working in London, trying to keep improving.

What are you currently working on?

I work at Passion Pictures, where I’m an animator on different commercials, I also do some freelance work here and there. I keep animating personal tests, in order to work, hopefully, on feature films at some point.

What is the “Croco” project about? What was your part in it?

So “My Little Croco” is the graduation short we did at Supinfocom Arles with Etienne Bagot-Caspar, Yohan Cohen, François Mancone and Maïckel Pasta. It’s about a crocodile who adopts a green bean (looking like him) and will take care of it, like his own baby; it should be online soon. The production took us 9 months, and I was responsible for the main part of the animation. There were a lot of characters (crocodile, sheep, otter, monkey, fox, rabbit) and we tried to find a different way to act for each one of them. For example the sheep is an old lady, the otters were a bit dumb, the foxes crazy kids, etc. So it was really fun to play with all theses characters. We also had to animate a lot each day, so it’s really great to have now the time to plan and polish my personal shots.

You have an interesting reel with some shots from the popular Nike Soccer commercial, what was your job there?

Thank you! Yes this commercial was really interesting to work on, especially straight after school! I was a junior animator on this, so it was very challenging to work amongst more experienced animators, and to receive great advices from them. I hope I’ll have the opportunity to work on another project like this one soon! 

You have also worked with a cool Malcolm Mod. Who made it? What was it like to work with Malcolm?

A friend of mine did it, Maïckel Pasta (who studied at Supinfocom with me). He’s an amazing artist, from drawing to CG Sculpting. He managed to create a very appealing character, and it was a real pleasure to give him life. I didn’t have as much flexibility as on the genuine Malcolm (the face and the shoulders were quite different, so the rig wasn’t matching exactly). It required a bit more work to find the right shapes, but nothing too dramatic. 

Malcolm is a fantastic rig, the best I’ve used so far! Very appealing, amazing facial rig; you can do everything you want with it! That’s really great AnimSchool allows everyone to use it, and I can’t wait to work with it for my next animation!
The next shot I’ll be working on (still using the Malcolm Mod) it’s going to be kind of a tribute to “The Incredibles” that I loved so much! And it’s also a way to practice a more dynamic shot and body acting too.

Thank you very much Milian and all the best in your animation career!

Check out Milian’s demo reel here:

AnimSchool Webcast: Jeff Gabor, Part 3

Jeff Gabor discusses appeal in characters by going over his Malcolm poses, from his shot in AnimSchool’s “Animation Principles” lecture.

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