Month: October 2010

3D Appeal Blog Now — Model Review of "Cliff"

Here is a model change and some descriptions of how to pump this character with appeal!

"Cliff" Review — Well Received

We’re glad Chris liked his 3D Appeal Makeover! It’s posted over at 3D Appeal Blog Now:
“My &@!$, I learned more about appeal in those 10 minutes than the rest of the year. Very good advice, thanks very much.”

3D Appeal Blog Now — Animation Review for Graham

Hey 3D Appeal’ers. Graham asked for a review of his animation, which can be found here:
Here you go Graham. Go forth and animate!

This is a submission from 3D Appeal Blog Now. Until these sites get very busy, they will be posted here.

Izzie Model by Michael Tuttle

Michael asked for this 3D Appeal Makeover for this model and rig he’s working on.  Nice character!
(This character design is from Chris Ayers, who generously gave permission to allow Michael to use them in his student project. Special thanks to the character designer, Chris Ayers!)

That's some praise from Mr. Director

Mike Thurmeier, co-director or Ice Age 3 and Ice Age 4, says of Dave:

“I worked with Dave for over eleven years, and without a doubt he’s one of the best modeler/character riggers in the business. He has an incredible eye for appeal and fun, and was instrumental in helping us achieve great character facial rigs for all of Blue Sky’s movies.
The thing I love about Dave is that he approaches the work from an Animator’s viewpoint (being a VERY talented animator himself), and knows where to strive for clean, polished lines through the face, but also where to put extra detail so that you can get everything you’d want out of a characters performance.
His work on “Horton Hears a Who” and “Rio” is exquisite – his CG characters hitting poses that have never been done so well before. I can’t say enough good things about him.”