Month: October 2018

AnimSchool Partner: designed for Teens
Live Animation Classes for Teens 13-18

AnimSchool partner AnimationWorkshops started this month!

AnimationWorkshops offers 11-week live online classes for teenagers 13-18 or older. There teens can explore 3D animation for fun or to see if it might be a good career option.

For those wanting to attend AnimSchool but too young for a post-secondary school, contact
AnimationWorkshops to see if it’s right for you.

Take a look at the website, call 435 239-5160 or chat today!

AnimationWorkshops is a separate site so to get updates, sign up to get more information here! offers 11 week courses. You meet live online with the instructors two times per week (for most classes), one session for instruction and one for reviewing each students work in turn.

If you can’t be there live for a class, you can watch the recordings of the classes.

AnimationWorkshops licenses AnimSchool’s famous rigs and web technology so you know it will be a quality experience.

If you want to explore future career possibilities in animation, this might be the opportunity.

Are you excited about animated movies or shows?

Do you want to find out if you’d like to help make them?

Do you like games and want to see if you’d enjoy MAKING them instead of just playing them?

The first term begins this month. Register for a class!

Come see the instructors and the times the classes are offered here.


Everything is a Bouncing Ball

    Ever heard of the saying, “Everything is a bouncing ball”? This is a well-known concept in animation, and it essentially means that just about everything relies on the same animation principles of timing, spacing, arc, etc. that are applied to something as simple as a bouncing ball. There’s a reason why just about every animation curriculum starts out with a bouncing ball exercise – through it, you can learn the foundations of all animation. Animating characters or creatures can be quite a daunting task, so it could help to take a step back and approach each part of a complex rig as just a bouncing ball. (Instructor Tony Mecca did just this in his VFX demo here)

    It can be difficult to visualize how a character with multiple limbs and joints could amount to a collection of bouncing balls, so our instructor Yuri Lementy did an analysis of a few shots to help visualize the bouncing balls hidden in some of our favorite animations. You can use the concept of bouncing balls to plan out the overall hip movement of a shot, or even to dictate the bouncy motion of a character’s hands and feet. The possibilities are endless! Check out the magic in play here:

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