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AnimSchool Webcast: Jeff Gabor, Part 4

Jeff Gabor talks about how he struggled with part of his shot from the AnimSchool’s “Animation Principles” Lecture. He also discusses when, and when not to use smear frames in an animation.

In Part 5, Jeff goes over what he would fix in his shot, if he had more time.

AnimSchool Classtime: Adding Smear Frames, Part 2

AnimSchool Instructor, Tony Bonilla, continues his smear frame lecture by showing how to deform the arm, to help show anticipation while creating fluid arcs.

AnimSchool Classtime: Adding Smear Frames, Part 1

In AnimSchool’s Body Acting class, Instructor Tony Bonilla, goes over how to create and place smear frames.

In Part 2, Tony will show how to continue the smear by deforming the arm.