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AnimSchool Webcast: Tom Bancroft, Part 3

      In Part 3 from AnimSchool’s live webcast with Tom Bancroft, Tom walks through a couple of his shots from Disney’s “Mulan,” and talks about the inspiration he drew from when introducing Mushu. He also discusses a few cheats and challenges that went along with 2D animation.

In upcoming Part 4, Tom discusses adding rhythm and flow to character poses.

AnimSchool Webcast: Tom Bancroft, Part 1

Last Tuesday, AnimSchool hosted a live webcast with 2D Animator, Tom Bancroft. In Part One of this webcast, Tom reviews his over 25 years of experience in the animation industry, discussing his projects at Disney, and what led him to write his character design book: “Creating Characters with Personality.”

In upcoming Part Two, Tom Bancroft shares stories about working on Disney’s “Mulan,” and discusses the process of designing Mushu.