Month: December 2010

AnimSchool debuts for Spring Term!

Hello! January was just too close to our later-than-expected launch. We have decided to move the first term at AnimSchool to Spring. So we are now taking applications for the first week of April.

We will be spending the time putting together an amazing student experience!

AnimSchool is launched

There you have it! AnimSchool. The new online school for animation, modeling, and rigging.

AnimSchool launch delayed!

Today, we contended with gale-force winds here in the New York area. So a remote-working web designer faced flooding problems today and set us back a bit.

We are so close! The site is looking great.

Tomorrow then!

AnimSchool Trailer!

Hi all! We’re launching AnimSchool today!

Here is the trailer for the school!  (Click full screen to see in HD)