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AnimSchool Webcast: Jeff Gabor, Part 4

Jeff Gabor talks about how he struggled with part of his shot from the AnimSchool’s “Animation Principles” Lecture. He also discusses when, and when not to use smear frames in an animation.

In Part 5, Jeff goes over what he would fix in his shot, if he had more time.

AnimSchool Webcast: Jeff Gabor, Part 3

Jeff Gabor discusses appeal in characters by going over his Malcolm poses, from his shot in AnimSchool’s “Animation Principles” lecture.

In upcoming Part 4, Jeff goes over smear frames.

To learn how you can download Malcolm for free visit:

AnimSchool Webcast: Jeff Gabor, Part 2

Jeff Gabor uses his reference video from AnimSchool’s Animation Principles Lecture, to show his process and what tools he uses, when creating his reference for animating.

In upcoming Part 3, Jeff goes over making poses appealing.

AnimSchool Webcast: Jeff Gabor, Part 1

A few months ago AnimSchool sat down with animator, now Annie Award winner, Jeff Gabor. In part 1 from AnimSchool’s live webcast, Jeff begins to go over his process from his shot in AnimSchool’s Animation Principles lecture.

In upcoming Part 2, Jeff shows how he films his video reference and how he puts it all together.

To see AnimSchool’s “Selections from Animation Principles Lecture” with Jeff Gabor’s shot, click below.
AnimSchool is pleased to introduce the author of Force, Mike Mattesi, as our new instructor focusing on drawing techniques in our next live webcast. For information on the Mike Mattesi Webcast, click below.

AnimSchool’s Jeff Gabor Webcast Recording

Last night, we had a fantastic webcast meeting with Jeff Gabor, animator at Blue Sky Studios and animator on the popular AnimSchool “Animation Principles” video!

He animated that VERY expertly done shot of Sir Isaac Newton jumping up and getting ready to fight.

Jeff was the main Character Lead Animator for the film Rio’s Linda character, and has animated on many Blue Sky Studios films. Some of the most beloved shots in Horton Hears A Who, for example, were animated by Jeff!

Jeff talked about the process he uses when animating. He has become well known for his fine acting skills and exceptional use of video reference to take the animation acting to a higher level. Jeff has taken video reference to the next level, and popularized its use throughout the 3D animation field.

There were many in attendance (and some who regrettably received the wrong information about the start time!) as well as hundreds who registered to watch the recording of the event. Both AnimSchool students and onlookers can watch the event for the next 7 days, after which only AnimSchool students will be able to watch it.

To see the recording, register here: