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AnimSchool Classtime: Artistic Style

Any student enrolled at AnimSchool is welcome to join Mike Mattesi for a lecture in drawing, followed by a critique for anyone who wants to submit a drawing or animation. In his class earlier this week, Mike shared some advice he got from his mentor, Klaus Janson, about personal artistic style.

AnimSchool Webcast: Jeff Gabor, Part 1

A few months ago AnimSchool sat down with animator, now Annie Award winner, Jeff Gabor. In part 1 from AnimSchool’s live webcast, Jeff begins to go over his process from his shot in AnimSchool’s Animation Principles lecture.

In upcoming Part 2, Jeff shows how he films his video reference and how he puts it all together.

To see AnimSchool’s “Selections from Animation Principles Lecture” with Jeff Gabor’s shot, click below.
AnimSchool is pleased to introduce the author of Force, Mike Mattesi, as our new instructor focusing on drawing techniques in our next live webcast. For information on the Mike Mattesi Webcast, click below.

AnimSchool General Review: Gary Hsu By Dave Gallagher

Dave Gallagher, founder of AnimSchool, reviews Gary Hsu’s 3D model from his Intermediate Modeling class.

AnimSchool students can learn 3D modeling. This review was done during AnimSchool’s General Reviews. General Reviews are held once a week for those students who can’t attend their class review and those wanting an extra critique.

Character Design by Brent Gordon.

AnimSchool Webcast: Tom Bancroft, Part 3

      In Part 3 from AnimSchool’s live webcast with Tom Bancroft, Tom walks through a couple of his shots from Disney’s “Mulan,” and talks about the inspiration he drew from when introducing Mushu. He also discusses a few cheats and challenges that went along with 2D animation.

In upcoming Part 4, Tom discusses adding rhythm and flow to character poses.

AnimSchool Classtime: Character Eye Blink

AnimSchool Instructor and Blue Sky Animator, Garrett Shikuma, demonstrates from the Animating Appeal & Entertainment class, how to add appeal to an eye blink.