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Episode 003: Rise of the Guardians – Round Table

In this episode I sit down with 7 extremely talented animators. They all worked on the Dreamworks animated adventure film, “Rise of the Guardians.” Their positions rank from Character Animator right on up to Head of Character Animation.

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Gabe Hordos
Head of Character Animation
10 years at Dreamworks
Alexis Wanneroy
Lead Animator – Toothfairy
7 years at Dreamworks
Pierre Perifel
Supervising Animator – North
5 years at Dreamworks
Ben Willis
Character Animator – Jack
7 years at Dreamworks
Jacob Gardner
Character Animator – Jack
5 years at Dreamworks
Tyler Phillips
Character Animator – Bunny
4 years at Dreamworks
JP Sans
Character Animator – Pitch
2 years at Dreamworks

AnimSchool General Review: Indunil Ranawake by Tony Bonilla

Every week AnimSchool offers General Reviews for those students who can’t make it to their weekly class review, or for those who would like an additional critique during the week. Here Tony Bonilla, reviews Indunil Ranawake’s animation from his Body Acting class.

AnimSchool General Review: Camilo Guaman by Tony Bonilla

Tony Bonilla, reviews Camilo Guaman’s animation from his Animating Characters class. In this assignment students focus on interacting with a heavy object.

AnimSchool has these General Reviews every week for students who can’t attend their normal class review, or for those who want an extra critique.

AnimSchool Classtime: Adding Smear Frames, Part 2

AnimSchool Instructor, Tony Bonilla, continues his smear frame lecture by showing how to deform the arm, to help show anticipation while creating fluid arcs.

AnimSchool Classtime: Adding Smear Frames, Part 1

In AnimSchool’s Body Acting class, Instructor Tony Bonilla, goes over how to create and place smear frames.

In Part 2, Tony will show how to continue the smear by deforming the arm.