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AnimSchool Graduation: New Doorways

AnimSchool is excited to share a clip from AnimSchool’s Fall/Winter 2013 graduation!

We were honored to have speakers Tony Bancroft (co-director of Mulan, Animator of Pumbaa, Kronk) and Tom Bancroft (Supervising Animator for Mulan’s Mushu, author.) The Bancroft brothers talked about their experiences as they entered the Animation Industry and the many “doorways” one must bravely walk through to be successful.

AnimSchool Graduates’ Work

Student Alaa AbuHanish – Class 6 Facial Performance from AnimSchool on Vimeo.

AnimSchool Intermediate Rigging Reel from Francisco Tejo on Vimeo.

Student Mona Zalloum – Class 7 Animating Appeal and Entertainment. from AnimSchool on Vimeo.

Rigging facial demo from Pablo Sepulveda on Vimeo.

Student Javier Vasquez – Class 6 Facial Performance from AnimSchool on Vimeo.

Student Raymond Kasel – Class 7 Animating Appeal and Entertainment from AnimSchool on Vimeo.

Come join all the students learning online at AnimSchool:

AnimSchool Classtime: Modeling with the help of Lattices

In AnimSchools’ Intermediate Modeling class, students choose a character to model into a pose, focusing on appeal. In this clip, Instructor Marty Havran, shows a convenient way to use Lattices while modeling, as he critiques Francisco Tejo’s model.