Welcome to the new 3D Appeal Blog, where we talk about 3D Animation and what makes characters and performances appealing.
We are sponsored by AnimSchool.com, the new online school for the broader world of 3D Animation! A following post will be about the school.
We begin with 2 bloggers: first is me, Dave Gallagher, former Character Development Supervisor at Blue Sky Studios, where I worked for almost 11 years. I was a proficient generalist overseeing modeling and rigging aesthetic quality and animating shots.
I am a bit obsessed with appealing:

facial expressions
and acting.

I’m convinced 3D Animation has a ways to go before it matches the appeal of my favorite 2D animation, which is anything in the Milt Kahl flavor.
I left Blue Sky Studios – with some reluctance – to follow an even greater entrepreneurial dream of making an online school to teach 3D animation with a generalist approach. A school as obsessed about appealing characters as I am!

Our next blogger is JP Sans. A fantastic animator at Blue Sky Studios, JP teaches at AnimSchool and is a super nice, talented guy. We have similar ideas about appeal in animation. I will let him introduce himself next!