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AnimSchool Video Interview: Animation Student Allen Ostergar

In this opportunity, we had the pleasure to have a Video Interview with one of our students, Allen Ostergar.

Allen is an Animation Student who has just finished an Internship at BlueSky Studios. He talks about what made him choose an online school like AnimSchool, his inspirations and some other activities he’s been doing besides animation!

He shares with us his Internship Reel and some cool stuff he has learned during his time at BSS, so you won’t want to miss it!

Watch it here:

Allen’s Demo Reel:

Episode 002: Mike Thurmeier – Co-Director of Ice Age: Continental Drift

In this episode we interview Mike Thurmeier, Director at Blue Sky Studios. Mike has been with the studio since the first installment of the Ice Age franchise. Mike recently co-directed Ice Age: Continental Drift. We ask Mike about his journey from being an animator to becoming a director.

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Show Notes:

Mike Thurmeier – Director at Blue Sky Studios
Ice Age: Continental Drift – trailer
Little Bear – television series
Chris Wedge – co-founder of Blue Sky Studios
Carlos Saldanha – Director at Blue Sky Studios
Galen Chu – Supervising Animator at Blue Sky Studios
Peter Dinklage – Voice actor for Captain Gutt
Patrick Stewart – Voice actor for Ariscratle

Episode 001: Nathan Engelhardt – Disney Supervising Animator

In this episode we interview Nathan Engelhardt, Supervising Animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios. Nathan was one of our pioneering instructors who helped shape the direction and vision of the school. He previously worked on serveral projects at Blue Sky Studios including; Horton Hears a Who, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, Rio, and Epic. His most recent project was Wreck-It-Ralph. We ask Nathan about his journey to  becoming a feature film animator and about his experience working at Disney.

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Show Notes:

Nathan Engelhardt’s 2011 demo reel
The Neverhood – A Doug Tennapel game
Mike Thurmeier – Director at Blue Sky
Pete Nash – Animation Supervisor at Sony
Zach Parrish – Supervising Animator at Walt Disney
John C. Reilly – voice of Wreck-It-Ralph
Jack McBrayer – voice of Fix-It Felix, Jr.
“I love my mama!”
Wreck-It-Raplh trailer