Nice work on this stop-motion Chipotle advertisement (by Johnny Kelly about the dangers of mechanized farming). We at AnimSchool are enamored with hyper-expressive characters. But sometimes the story is the main attraction. The super-simple shapes offer clarity, the adorable set pieces pull you in, and the gorgeous lighting helps tell the story.

Notice how the farmer’s moustache (he grows halfway through) is the only facial feature that changes to show expression. It angles up or down.

This animation helps you realize just how much of a story can be told in the timing and basics of storytelling. Notice the how the farmer slows down and pauses, making his big decision to change, then charges off with determination to carry out his new plan.

The first time I watched it, I didn’t catch that the farmer and wife start as newlyweds and have gotten old at the end and their little pill-shaped baby is now a teenager.

What kid wouldn’t want to play with a little toy set like that!