Month: September 2016

Graduate Spotlight – Ralph Byrd

Today, we’d like you to meet Ralph Byrd, a recent graduate from AnimSchool’s Character Program!

The 33 year old is from Washington, D.C. and got his BA from Yale University. He is a very talented, hard-working guy and was a pleasure to interview.

Ralph’s tour of DreamWorks with Juan Chen

Did you have any experience in animation or art prior to AnimSchool? If not, what did you do before this?

I had always pursued art through drawing and sketching, but had no formal education in art aside from studio art electives I took in college. Creating art was something I had always done out of enjoyment, but I didn’t consider it a realistic life pursuit until I joined AnimSchool.

What were your motivations to start the Character Program?

I’ve always seen animation as being at its core, a means of communication. Through animation, you can convey an idea more articulately than any form of written language. I was particularly motivated to start the character program because with characters you can convey human feelings and emotions that are universally relatable and through that, you can connect with people all over the world.

What was your favorite class and/or instructor and why?

There are so many great teachers at AnimSchool. I would have to say my favorite class was Juan Chen’s environment modeling. I enjoyed this class so much that I took it twice because I wanted to instill the virtues of ‘clean modeling’. Juan is a walking encyclopedia of knowledge and resources and would go to any length to help a student.

What are your plans now that you have graduated?

My dream is to break into the industry and work freelance. I also have a list of personal projects I intend to complete including an animated short. I am looking to become more involved in social media to connect with people and share my work (Instagram handle: ralph.byrd). Finally, I would like to use the skills I have learned to inspire others the way that animation has inspired me.

Are there any animation industry professionals who inspire you?

All the teachers I had at AnimSchool inspired me a great deal. I would particularly like to thank (in the order I took their class):
Florian Perret, Sabina Heller, Brien Hindman, Juan Chen, Krzysztof Fus, Nico Sanghrajka

Was there any particular piece of advice that you got during your time at AnimSchool that has still stuck with you?

One particular piece of advice that stuck with me is to never stop learning, and to always keep practicing. If you can keep animation as part of your daily routine, and you can dedicate several hours each day, you will see your work improve dramatically. The industry is always evolving and there are always new things to learn. Understanding that being a student goes hand in hand with working professionally can help to sustain a career in animation.

Thanks Ralph and good luck!

Thank you!

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Steve Vanseth- Importance of hands

This is a clip from AnimSchool’s body animation class where the instructor Steve Vanseth talks about the importance of hands .

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AnimSchool’s New Character: Maggie

United States – September 6, 2016 — AnimSchool is proud to
present our newest character, Maggie, exclusively for AnimSchool

AnimSchool is the leader in appealing, flexible characters. Our students
animate with the most refined, advanced characters, using the popular AnimSchool Picker.

Maggie was designed by Amanda Zima and modeled by AnimSchool graduate Pablo Bellozas and David Gallagher. Rigging by AnimSchool founder David Gallagher.

AnimSchool rigs are built with each part and control being tested to extreme levels, making the strongest poses possible.

You can see the range of motion and poseability students can achieve with Maggie.

Maggie has clothing options: long and T-shirt, pants, shorts, shoes, separate socks, and poseable

To use Maggie, apply to an AnimSchool program or individual class.

AnimSchool characters and the AnimSchool Picker are used by more
than 50,000 users worldwide, and have been used to win numerous
animation contests and for commercial needs. AnimSchool is known as the
most trusted name for appealing 3D characters.

With over 200 students, AnimSchool
was founded in 2010 to bring character-focused 3D animation instruction
to students all around the world, through live online sessions with the best film professionals.

209 West 520 North
Orem, UT 84057
801 765-7677

Posing Concepts for Drawing with Sean Sullivan

Most terms, AnimSchool offers a free 2D art class open to all students. This term our art class is being taught by former Disney artist, Sean Sullivan. In this clip, Sean is teaching us about drawing characters in more appealing poses.

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