At AnimSchool, you will learn industry-ready 3D skills from more than 30 instructors from top studios such as Blue Sky, DreamWorks, Disney and Pixar. The best part is that you are able to attend classes and master the skills from home, from anywhere in the world, for just a fraction of the cost of a traditional college.

But these are only a few of the many advantages to becoming a student at one of the top online animation schools. Here are a few more that you may not be aware of:

1.  General Reviews

Each term, a few times a week, AnimSchool offers extra critiquing times from current instructors and other industry professionals. It can be very helpful to get a second or third opinion of your work, outside of your class. In animation, no matter what your area of focus is, getting lots of feedback will bring your project to the next level. Even professionals at the best studios in the world regularly discuss each other’s work. Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes to see the areas that need improvement.

2.  Atrium

The Atrium is generally offered once or twice a week and is very similar to the General Reviews except they are run by AnimSchool graduates and students. This is your chance to interact with fellow AnimSchoolers and help each other with your assignments or personal projects.

3.  Class Recordings

One of the most beneficial AnimSchool perks is that since each class is attended via video conferencing, they can also be recorded. Every single class is recorded and available for later viewing. Once you sign up for a particular class, you will automatically gain access to every single class recording throughout every term that the class has been offered. That is hundreds of hours of valuable information that is hard to get anywhere else.

4.  Art Classes

Whether you are focusing on animation, modeling, or rigging, it’s just as important to grow artistically as it is technically. Developing your artistic ability will increase your skills and your competitiveness. AnimSchool offers every student access to free live art classes most terms, as well as full access to recordings of past art classes. In these classes you will learn everything from character design to anatomy to storyboarding from current industry professionals.

5.  Lifetime Access

Once you graduate from AnimSchool, you will never lose access to the school. You will still be able to watch every class recording available to you, as well as all recordings from every general review, atrium and art class past and current. You can even still attend the general reviews, atriums, and art classes to get feedback on any personal project you may be working on or to further hone your artistic ability after graduation.

6.  No Student Loans!

When you graduate from most traditional colleges, you might feel like you’ll have to spend the rest of your life paying off your student loans. But when you get your certificate from AnimSchool, you will be all paid up! AnimSchool tuition costs are among the lowest high-end U.S. animation education. We also have some very convenient payment plans (the lowest being only $356 per month.) At AnimSchool, we want to help people all over the world with animation education, regardless of economic status. For people with lower-incomes, we provide a special need-based Discount program, “Global Access,” with the lowest possible price to access the best 3D animation talent in the world. Global Access tuition is approximately 1/2 the usual cost. Paired with the EasyPay program, the monthly payments can be very low.

7.  AnimSchool Rigs – Forever!

AnimSchool is known worldwide as a leader in appealing, flexible 3D character rigs, with almost 50,000 downloads of our famous Malcolm rig.

One of the best kept secrets of AnimSchool is that our graduates get permanent access to current AND FUTURE AnimSchool character rigs. We have quite a collection to use.

8.  Community

Being an online animation school, you may think that there is not a real sense of community because we are all scattered throughout the world. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. As a current student myself, I can tell you with absolute honesty that every student and instructor is so friendly and enthusiastic that you forget how far apart you are. Each class feels like you are all actually in the same room, sitting right next to each other, eagerly absorbing as much knowledge as you possibly can. Often as you progress in your program, you will start seeing more and more familiar faces throughout all of your classes. As long as you are friendly, reach out and actively participate, you will likely make some very good friends because chances are you and your classmates, as well as your instructors, will have several (and probably very geeky) common interests.

Of all of the perks this school has to offer, I feel that being a member of this community is the best part. The people you meet through AnimSchool will be some of the best people you will meet in your life. Regardless of where you live, your backgrounds, or your area of focus, you are all connected by one common goal. To create and bring to life unique characters. To tell stories. To entertain, uplift and connect with audiences in a way that only animation can. To sit quietly in a crowded movie theater on opening day watching and listening not so much to the movie playing in front of you, but to the audience’s reactions to a film you helped to create. To make a career out of doing something you truly love.

To be a part of this amazing community and to take full advantage of all of these and many other benefits from one of the best online animation schools in the world, come and learn with us at