United States – December 8, 2015 — AnimSchool is delighted to announce the public release of our new Malcolm 2.0 rig. Our crowdfunding backers and students have been using him for
months, and today we release Malcolm 2.0 to the
community. This is possible because of the generous support during our
crowdfunding campaign.

Animator Cody Lyon

Malcolm 2.0 is a free 3D animation character rig for Autodesk Maya available from AnimSchool. Malcolm 2.0 was re-rigged to accommodate wardrobe changes. We’ve
added tons of wardrobe and hairstyle options to him, giving him all
new geometry to support all kinds of configurations, including bare feet.

(Mad scientist and Cowboy outfits are exclusively for crowdfunding backers and our students.)

has been an industry icon for years — possibly animators’ most popular
free 3D character in the world. The face is very advanced, very
malleable — yet he plays nearly in real-time. He’s been used for school
assignments, to win awards, short films, and even commercial projects.

We’re so happy to see Malcolm used by so many around the world.

More than 20,000 people have downloaded Malcolm and the AnimSchool Picker–and they’ve always been free.

AnimSchool is the leader in appealing, flexible characters. Our students
animate with the most refined, advanced characters, using the popular AnimSchool Picker.

Animator Cody Lyon

AnimSchool rigs are built with each part and control being tested to extreme levels, making the strongest poses possible.

You can see the range of motion and poseability you can achieve with Malcolm 2.0.

To use Malcolm, download him from our site and install AnimSchool Picker.
To learn more, apply to an AnimSchool program or individual class.

AnimSchool characters and the AnimSchool Picker are used by more
than 20,000 users worldwide, and have been used to win numerous
animation contests and for commercial needs.

With over 200 students, AnimSchool
was founded in 2010 to bring character-focused 3D animation instruction
to students all around the world, through live online sessions with the best film professionals.

Malcolm 2.0 Introduction animation by Jean-Luc Delhougne.

Images courtesy of Animator Cody Lyon.

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