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Orem, UT  United States – June 10, 2013 — For Summer Term, AnimSchool is offering two new 11-week live courses Introduction to 3D Lighting and Environmental Modeling using Autodesk Maya software.

Introduction to 3D Lighting

For the introductory term, Introduction to 3D Lighting students are team-taught by TWO feature film
professionals in approximately 3 hours of live web classes each week, lighters Brandon May and Michael Murdock of Blue Sky Studios.

The class covers the basics of 3D lighting in Maya. Learn the principles of light, shadow, color, composition, and
staging. Learn how to render great images using Maya’s tools.

course is designed for AnimSchool animation or modeling students, and also for
students who may want to pursue lighting and rendering as a career path.

The instructors appear on a web camera and share their desktop, so
students are able to see the instructor explain concepts, and can
ask questions as they go.

Environmental Modeling

Environmental Modeling is AnimSchool’s new course to go deeper into hard-surface modeling and learn environments. Students learn how to make sets for their characters.

For this first term, Environmental Modeling is taught by Disney/Blue Sky Studios modeler Brien Hindman, Environmental Modeling Lead for Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.

In this new course, students learn best practices for production modeling, naming, breakout and asset management, and previs, cameras, lights, and resolution handling. Students learn the secrets of set modeling, with instruction in UV’s, Cloth
simming and particle distribution of elements, as well as working in a visual style.

Brien Hindman Environmental Modeling from Brien Hindman on Vimeo.

Introduction to 3D Lighting and Environmental Modeling are offered for Summer Term, July 1 – September 14. Prospective students should apply at:

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