was in full force at Siggraph 2012 last week, August 7th-9th! For three days, hundreds stopped by our
booth to learn about the offerings we have at the school.

Siggraph is the most popular conference on computer graphics, with approximately 20,000 3D students and professionals attending presentations, panels, and walking the show floor.

We had four 3D animation film pros in addition to staff and students on hand to interact with interested conference-goers.

We answered questions about our 3D animation programs and the process of learning online.

Some came just to take pictures of our attractive booth, which glowed brightly and offered a warm and inviting space for Siggraph attendees.

The booth art highlighted AnimSchool’s world-famous characters and wonderful student work.

We were treated to a compilation banner of the many uses and mods of AnimSchool’s free “Malcolm” character. Malcolm has been downloaded by over 8,000 users worldwide, and has been called “the best rig I’ve ever used” by top animators and animation contest winners.

AnimSchool pros reviewed student reels free and offered detailed critiques to help them in their learning.

AnimSchool 3D animation pros from Disney, Dreamworks, and Blue Sky Studios reviewed the animation work of conference goers, whether students or professionals. It was a popular offering, with a line forming for the free demo reel and portfolio reviews.

But the most popular event at the AnimSchool booth was the free giveaways near the end of each day. AnimSchool gave away dozens of T-shirts, free online-critiques, and the most anticipated items: free animation art books!

Lucky Siggraph attendees won copies of:
the Art of Tangled
the Art of Brave
the Art of Pixar
Eric Goldberg’s Animation Crash Course
AnimSchool’s Mike Mattesi’s Force Animal Drawing!

And the grand prize of the conference: a half-price tuition discount on a term at AnimSchool!

There were many happy prize winners at the AnimSchool booth last week!

For many, AnimSchool was already a familiar school, famous for our Malcolm character and impressive programs, but others learned of us for the first time.

Many visitors to the booth expressed a desire to learn with us at AnimSchool.

We’ll be seeing some of them in the months ahead online at AnimSchool.

For more information about Siggraph, visit

From all of us at AnimSchool, see you next year!

Video tour of AnimSchool at Siggraph 2012: