AnimSchool announces a new character today. Marnie is a gorgeous new
female rig — sure to attract any male 3D character in sight!

Sleek and sophisticated, Marnie is debuting now in AnimSchool student
assignments. They are impressed with her retro charm and good looks!

One student reports that Marnie is “amazing to work with. You don’t have to
struggle to get an appealing pose from her; somehow it comes ‘naturally’
to her.”

One student worried, however. “LOL! Funny, if I animate her, I might not be able to concentrate!”

We make it fun to learn animation, modeling and rigging! AnimSchool
offers our students the absolute best in quality characters.

Our high-quality character “Malcolm” is already known around the world.
Used by almost 7,000 3D animators  worldwide, Malcolm has also been used
by the winners and top entries of the popular 11 Second Club animation
contest. Some of those users have called Malcolm “the best rig [they’ve]
ever worked with”.

AnimSchool is where people go for great characters. Our students learn how to MAKE characters and how to MOVE characters.

Marnie was designed and created by AnimSchool founder David Gallagher, who called her “one hot lady!”

Marnie is exclusively for AnimSchool students. To use Marnie and learn
from our amazing instructors, apply to be an AnimSchool student. Come
join us!


You can see lots of student examples on our facebook page here: